Like most things in life, with musicians, you get what you pay for. The band can make (or ruin) your event, so it’s not something to cut corners on. Purejazz prides itself on the quality of its music. We are professional musicians with years of experience, not part time players who hold down a day job and go out to play music purely for “fun”. In short, we make our living by entertaining our clients.

The benefit of booking your band with purejazz is that you are dealing directly with the musicians, so there are no agency fees.

As a general rule, bands tend to be busier in the spring and summer months, and around the Christmas period, so prices will be less flexible during these periods. Also weekends tend to be more popular (therefore more expensive) than weekdays.

Other factors that influence price include the length of the performance, and the length of time the band is required to be at the venue. Therefore, asking a band to set up in the afternoon for an evening performance will cost more.

Purejazz uses London based musicians, but we are willing to travel nationally or even internationally if required. Naturally, travel costs must also be factored into the price.

For an individually tailored quote, please fill in the enquiry form on the contact us page. There is no obligation, no sales pressure, and we will never pass your details to a third party.